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what do we do about all the brown people of the world? [Nov. 16th, 2003|10:59 am]
highlights of yesterday.

ivan and i played with cameras yesterday. i can't wait until we start shooting things, and diana cut us some muenster and gouda with our spankin' new cheese cutter and we ate it on sourdough bread. ivan and d-d were disappointed that the nada surf show is all sold out. i ate potato chips... and then we danced. oh boy, did we dance. go junior. go senior.
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no artichoke sandwich. [Nov. 8th, 2003|11:48 pm]
kearny mesa (home): i finished 'night and day', cleaned the kitchen, and did my laundry.

encinitas: we ate at the roxy today and i wasn't totally satisfied with my artichoke sandwich. i don't understand why i can't get one of their small cups of soup instead of salad. ivan's spaghetti suited well. also on the street, this girl with an eastern european accent had a cute skirt. media shopping- i didn't find any cheap and worthwhile videos. i still think finding "je tu il elle" a while back was totally random. ivan bought a few cd's. diana bought a christmas compilation.

kearny mesa (home): we wanted to show diana the "ferret paw print" newsletter that arrived at our house. there's an actual interview with traumatized ferrets. we all decided to purchase a t-shirt that had a ferret and the california grizzley, facing eachother with a heart in between. none of us own ferrets, and noone plans on it, either.

normal heights: hot fudge sundae with coconut ice cream. mariposa is the best in the city, for sure.

fashion valley: i hate this mall. i hate most malls, but i hate this mall in particular. we thought the movie started at seven, but it turns out that it started at seven-forty five. we headed off to waldenbooks where their "religion" section only contained christian books, whilst buddhism tucked far-away under philosophy, and the witchy stuff under new age. hmmm.

i appreciated 'scary movie 3' better than the first two, which isn't saying much, since i loathed them. i think anna faris does wonders, though. a bit of fresh air, if you please.

kearny mesa: we brought my sister some in-and-out, and the telly showed '8 simple rules...'; I couldn't stomach it. we then watched the episode of 'the office' where david brent has to reenact a situation where a customer complains to a hotel manager, and to get the hotelier's attention he screams, "there's been a rape upstairs" brilliant. i hope the american one doesn't fuck shit up.

well, good night, friends.

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march. 17th. [Mar. 17th, 2003|01:26 pm]
there were a lot of us at the rally & march today against the budget cuts. and im so glad it turned out so well. we all marched and yelled from city college to governer davis' san diego office to deliver our message. doesn't he realize the biggest protesters are students, and he's going to lash against them? not a cool move. i lost my voice, but all for a cause.

rose revamped my livejournal. which looks great.

im meeting jenny for lunch.

and i'll await ivan.

a good day indeed.
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2002|08:28 am]
so.. i won tickets to counting crows.. and i don't even like them.. so i should try and sell them? anyone interested in counting crows?
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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2002|12:42 am]
[music |david garza- flower]

i don't see how relevant it is that the sniper converted to islam years back. would it be an issue, if the sniper was a christian? i don't think so. i hate the fucking media sometimes.

+i had a blast playing cranium with everyone last night. it's such a fun game.
+far from heaven was an AMAZING movie
+dinner tasted swell, and you own mark twain by ikea

and i'll see you tomorrow, we'll watch the new godard... and adam sandler.
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spanglish. [Oct. 22nd, 2002|11:57 am]
[music |The Clash - Spanish Bombs]

i'm quite hungry. i'm always quite hungry. ivan talks about elephants. and i violate him. and he laughs. i don't feel like kids eat free day. i don't feel like cleaning my apartment right now. but i should take out the trash. it's full. i'm still hungry. we could go to the hot monkey love cafe and shoot pool and drink coffee.. no, not drink coffe, their house coffee is worse than the urban grind's. i could change the channel. people back then speak differently. maybe it's just for film. we're watching far from heaven on thursday. todd haynes + julianne moore = safe bet. ivan is still on my bed. and i may go and violate him some more. and he'll laugh of course, and call me bitch. and i should call my dad. and talk with my sister. she wants to move here when she's 18. she wants to be a stripper. i would be the boy with a stripper sister. and i could tell my friends, don't go to that strip club, because i don't want you to see my sister naked. but i really wouldn't care that much. ivan's up now, but i think i will still violate him while he's smoking his camel turkish gold. he smokes. and he doesn't hate me.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAN! [Oct. 18th, 2002|01:40 am]
[music |Cure - Six Different Ways]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAN, You are now 22! Tomorrow will be fun.

tonight, ivan and i took cammy to see a movie. we had a good time. i expected less from The Rules of Attraction, but overall i liked it. i can't wait for this semester to be done with. i need to sign up for an 8 week class, but i find nothing... either i don't need the class and/or it clashes with my schedule already. tomorrow is friday, and van's birthday. i enjoy fridays, and i'll enjoy it more for van's birthday.

on a side note, i'm in love. this is stranger than I thought.
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2002|03:26 pm]
so tomorrow, there will be a peaceful protest at the balboa park tomorrow telling the chuck murphy it's not okay to give land out that we taxpayers use to an organization that discriminates. invitation's for all.
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oh, no no no? [Oct. 6th, 2002|05:03 am]
so, guess who served Karen o. from the yeah yeah yeahs tonight at my illustrious denny's?oh, that's right. this muthafucka right here! she had a two egg breakfast. and she tipped me in canadian dollars. too bad she didn't wear one of her cool outfits to my work. that made my night perfect. it even gave me the will to ignore josh's constant complaining on how he hates this place. now, im not so bummed i forgot the show.....
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i feel the earth move..... [Oct. 4th, 2002|12:28 am]
Everytime I hear Carole King, I think of Rose. and then I think of all sorts of other things... and wonder if Texas really happened... and if it will happen, again. I miss so many people. I miss my brothers, I miss my sister... without you three, i think i'd be completely lost here, and maybe have left the state. But I'm in California... where I'll be for a while, for sure. Hey, another upside is The Displaced.
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